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 Vegetarian meals are available

Auspicious island facing to Bungo strait, located 500 meters offshore of Saiki, town of delicious cuisine.

In ancient times, Emperor Jimmu landed on this island and we still preserve the lights lit used when sending him off as Donto Fire Festival.

At WW the aircraft carriers left from Saiki Bay in front of our Ohnyu Island for the sudden attack on Pearl Harbor. But after many years this island is at present called as the nearest remote island in Japan, and is now a community where local people are leading a serene life surrounded by the ocean.


The island stay allows you a single person or a group of people exclusively to stay with us in a single lodge. Even though our facilities are not so gorgeous as ordinary Japanese-style hotels, our guests can enjoy a true sense of local life which can not be found in tourists spots.

In a simple way once you come to visit this island, you feel like you have time-warped to a good and old Japanese period.

 Why do not you eat a Japanese castle owner's meal 100 years ago?

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You’ll have fun in inconvenience and hand-making.

You can just glimpse how the people lead their everyday live through You-tube.

Hanamizuki assists you in your stay on the island.



The island where you may forget passing time・・・

The life from the early Showa period (Japanese life of 80 years ago) still remains.

You are not chased by mobile phones and SNS, not buried in IT information, and time passes slowly.

The life on the island is peaceful and we live a self-sufficient life.

This island is a historical place where once Emperor Jimmu and Emperor Taishou stepped their feet on it and is written in Nihon Shoki, the Chronicles of Japan.